Stian Røkenes Christensen - Jewelry

Hailing from Northen-Norway, Stian has always been interested in old items and history, so it came as no big surprise when he started studying at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology to become an archaeologist. However, during his studies he started making jewelry, mostly with the old traditions in mind. The urge to create soon overshadowed the more theoretical studies, and he rented a bench at a local goldsmith, J. Chr. Juul, while finishing the studies.


After completing the BA in archaeology, Stian went to study folkart at Telemark University College, which is where he is currently. Here he can unfold his creativity and make the jewelry he loves.

Stian Røkenes Christensen

Bærlyngveien 19

8209 Fauske

(+47) 90781492